30 Oct 2014

Hammarskiöld successfully represented Munksjö in landmark case: the European Commission decides to close infringement proceedings against Munksjö and Ahlstrom

On 29 October 2014, the European Commission (the Commission) announced that it has closed the infringement proceedings against Munksjö Oyj and Munksjö AB, represented by Hammarskiöld, and Ahlstrom Corporation, concerning provision of information to the Commission in the context of a merger investigation.

The business combination of Munksjö AB and Ahlstrom’s Label and Processing business was completed during 2013. On 25 February 2014 Munksjö Oyj, Munksjö AB and Ahlstrom Corporation received a Statement of Objections from the European Commission with respect to alleged incorrect or misleading information provided in connection with the merger notification to the European Commission, submitted in 2012.

Following consideration of responses made by the parties to the Commission’s Statement of Objections, presentations at the oral hearing and, in particular, the information provided in response to the Commission’s request for information dated 26 May 2014, the Commission has now concluded that the parties did not provide incorrect or misleading information but, instead, had valid reasons for providing the information set out in the merger notification. That is, the Commission found the parties’ arguments convincing and therefore decided to close the proceedings.

Claes Langenius (Partner) comments that he is satisfied with the Commission’s decision to close the infringement proceedings and that this decision confirms what has been Munksjö’s position all along: that there simply was no wrongdoing by the parties in connection with the merger notification.

Hammarskiöld’s team consisted of

Claes Langenius (Partner) 

Emma Lindwall (Senior Associate).