Working with us

Working as a lawyer at Hammarskiöld involves exciting and evolving work in a creative, generous, and stimulating environment.

With us, you will often work within an international perspective and on complex matters. You will have contact with both Swedish and foreign clients and law firms from the start. We work in teams, recognising that we have greater impact together than on our own. As part of our team you will be given the opportunity to work within a wide variety of legal fields and closely with experienced experts within their areas. 

This means that all clients are the firm’s clients and that each task is performed by the most suitable lawyers.

Each individual is valued as an important part of the firm and our work is characterised by open doors and team spirit. We consider it very important that the atmosphere of the firm is good, both between co-workers and between the firm and its clients.

We care about your career. Therefore, we make sure that you have every opportunity to develop, both personally and professionally. The environment at Hammarskiöld & Co is supportive, collaborative, and respectful. We have an ambitious educational programme of which we are very proud. This will help you grow and it will also boost your career.

Different positions


The associate position is intended both for recently graduated law students as well as lawyers with experience from court duty or other relevant work. As part of our educational programme, you will circulate through our different practice groups during your first three years. This way, you build a solid platform of general commercial law experience and an insight into all of the firm’s practice areas. During the time you circulate through the practice groups, you will specialise in one or several areas. Gradually, your responsibilities and your level of specialisation will increase. We also have individual educational programmes and language courses for all our lawyers. Furthermore, all our lawyers also have the opportunity to experience an internship at a foreign law firm.

Trainee Associate

We offer law students who have completed their sixth semester of a Swedish LLM program a position as trainees associate within the firm. The position entails working as a junior colleague within our team 1-3 days per week with a flexible schedule to fit your law school schedule. Your assignments will vary over time and will give you a good insight into what it is like to work at a leading law firm with great colleagues. 

Thesis trainees

While writing your thesis at our firm, you receive guidance from our lawyers with relevant expertise. At the same time, you are given the opportunity to get an insight into business law by participating in ongoing matters and projects. The thesis trainee period normally lasts for 10 weeks and is, naturally, paid for.

Summer trainees

Every year, we offer a number of students the opportunity to work at our firm through our summer trainee programme. The six week programme will give you a practical introduction to business law and the role of the business lawyer, as well as an insight into working at a top law firm. It will also give you the opportunity to expand your social network by getting to know lawyers at our firm as well as students from other universities. Summer trainees are recruited before the end of every year and they should at least have started their sixth term at law school.

Career contacts

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