We place a particular emphasis on our client service. Each of our clients is assigned at least one partner with extensive knowledge of the client’s business activities, who acts as the client’s contact person at the firm and is responsible for the client’s relationship with the firm. The same partner also has the overall responsibility for the matters the client entrusts to the firm, which includes selecting the most appropriate members of our team for each task at hand.

Foreign desks

At Hammarskiöld we have dedicated foreign desks that can provide companies with the required support in order to complete legal proceedings and negotiations with an international dimension in a wide range of areas of expertise. Our foreign desks’ specialists have the language skills and understanding of workplace culture required to assist foreign companies combined with an extensive experience from doing business in foreign jurisdictions and coordinate cross-border matters.

International Desk

Hammarskiöld’s International desk has long-established connections with top law firms in foreign jurisdictions including in particular in Anglo-American and Asian countries. Hammarskiöld is the go-to partner for many top law firms looking for the best advice to their clients in relation to the Swedish market. The International desk aims at keeping its network growing and collaborates on a regular basis with top law firms in foreign jurisdictions in relation to complex and high-profile cases. Based on this global network that the members of the International desk have built overtime, Hammarskiöld offers a one-stop solution to companies for the handling of multi-jurisdictional transactions and disputes, global anti-corruption investigations, arbitration and more.

French Desk

Hammarskiöld’s French Desk facilitates doing Swedish-French business for companies. With many years of experience from working as in-house counsel and in major international law firms in France and Brussels, the members of the French Desk pool their deep understanding of the business culture and legal system in France and other French-speaking countries as well as the Brussels scene. 

German Desk

Hammarskiöld’s German desk has developed a strong professional network in all German-speaking countries over the years. Our German desk has a dedicated team of specialists speaking German and having the required understanding of the business culture and legal systems in these jurisdictions. The German desk’s members both assist clients in Swedish-German transactions and advise German-speaking companies doing business and facing regulatory and compliance matters in Sweden.