22 Sep 2017

Hammarskiöld published structured guide to the cartel regime in Sweden on Lexology Navigator site

Hammarskiöld’s competition law group has recently published a structured guide to the cartel regime in Sweden together with the comparative global Q&A guide Lexology Navigator. The guide was also published as an article on Lexology Newsfeed.

The guide covers the Swedish cartel regime in general and provides a structured guide on the Swedish cartel immunity and leniency programmes, cartel investigations and penalties in Sweden. The idea is to give the reader a basic understanding of the relevant Swedish rules and policies.

The authors have broad experience and knowledge of cartel cases in Sweden as well as in Europe.

For more information click here.

Hammarskiöld’s team consisted of: 

Claes Langenius (Partner)

Sofia Falkner (Senior Associate)